In the name of Allah, the beneficient, the merciful.

By projection, the earth is assumed to have been in existence for almost 5 billion years which means, human being have been dying since this time.

Religious beliefs, particularly Islam makes us understand that there is going to be an appointed time when there will not be anything on the earth, that is the last day; when everything living on earth will cease to exist.

After this, is the day when every dead creature will be resurrected.

This type of belief has been a source of doubt for countless number of mankind, that they query the possibility.

In the glorious Quran chapter 17:14, we find and they say; when we are bones and fragments (destroyed), should we really be resurrected (to be a new creation)?

Also in Quran 23:82 “when we are dead and have become dust and bones, shall we be resurrected indeed ” Allah responding to them says  (O Muhammad) be you stones or iron or some created things that is yet greater (harder) in your breast (thoughts to be resurrected, even then you shall be resurrected) then they will say; who shall bring us back (to life)? Say: he who created you first, then they will shake their heads at you and say: when will that be?

Say: perhaps it is near.

On that day, when he will call you and you will answer (His call) with (word of) His praise and obedience and you will think that you have stayed (in this world) but a little while Q17 : 50 – 52


For a crop to germinate, it requires sunlight, water, sand, air and the seed itself. After the first creation of Adam, from the sand made to solidify before life was breathed into him, every other creation undergoes the following processes.

1. water: Allah says; And we have made from water  every living thing, will they not believe?

The water is the spermatozoa discharged by men and the liquid substance discharged by women during sexual intercourse.

2. Seed: It is the sperm discharged by men which swims into the uterus

3. Sand/Land: These are the women.

This is further elaborated in the following verses of the Quran.  (O mankind! Worship your Lord/Allah who created you and those who where before you so that you may become pious).

Who has made for you the earth a bed (spread out) and the sky a ceiling and sent down from the sky, rain and brought forth thereby fruits as provisions for you. So, do not attribute to Allah equal while you know Q2 : 21 – 22.

The earth made as bed is a woman

The sky as ceiling is a man

The rain is the ejaculated semen

While the fruits are the children

In another verse, Allah says “Your wives are a place of cultivation (i.e. sowing of seeds)” for you, so come to your place of cultivation as you wish Q2:223

This verse emphasizes that women are Earth/Land on which seeds are planted. This is the situation when coming to the earth.

Meanwhile Allah has said in Q21:104 “As we began the first creation”, we shall repeat it. (It is a promise binding on us). Truly, we shall do it.

As for the resurrection through sand, Allah says from it (i.e. the sand), we created you, and into it we shall return you and from it, we will extract you another time” Q20: 55

What is the possibility of this extraction? When it is the time for resurrection, the following is as detailed in Q39: 68 “And the Trumpet will be blown, and all who are in the heaven and all who are in the earth will swoon away, except him who Allah wills. Then it will be blown the second time, and behold they will be standing, looking on waiting”.

On the day of resurrection, a cloud will appear at the bottom of the throne; it will rain just as when semen is been emitted, bodies of all creatures will germinate like the germination of herbs, bodies would be assembled together, every part of the son of Adam would have been consumed by the earth except the coccyx/Tailbone, it is the only one that will remain like the eyes of grasshopper, it will not be visible to an ordinary eyes. It is from the coccyx that every parts of the body would be assembled, when the assemblage is completed, the soul will be blown into it. Then the graves will cleaf asunder for (man). He will then rise up straight.

At the blowing of the second Trumpet, it will be said: “O you the tattered bones and separated joints, separated parts, spread hairs” Verily, Allah the fashioner, the creator commands you to join together for judgment.

They will all join together, after which a caller will say, Rise up before the compeller (jabber) and they will all rise up, just like the statement of Allah in Quran chapter (54:7) “Their eyes humbled, they will emerge from the graves as if they were locusts spreading”


In reference to Quran chapter (17:50-52), human beings would have been scattered particles. If the following methods of separation is possible for human beings, why will the resurrection of human beings himself not be possible.

1. Distillation

2. Refinements

3. Evaporation

4. Condensation

5. Precipitation

6. Magnetization


The Glorious Quran was revealed for all creatures, especially the man and jinn’s. It says in Quran 55:31

“We will attend to you, o prominent beings” and also in Quran 22:47, he says “And they urge you to hasten to punishment. But Allah will never fail in his promise. And indeed, a day with your lord is like a thousand years of those which you count”.

Which of the calculation does Allah refer to? Is it human beings or the jinn’s or which of the planets because Allah is the lord of the whole world.

Why has the actual day been kept away from our knowledge? The answer to this is not far.

He says in the Quran 20:15 “Indeed, the hour is coming-I almost conceal it so that every soul may be recompensed according to that for which it strives” and also in Quran 70:42-46 “They will ask you (O Muhammad) about the hour, when is its arrival”.

In what (position) are you that you should mention it?

To your Lord is its finality.

You are only a Warner for those who fear it.

It will be, on the day they will see it as though they had not remained (in the world) except for one afternoon or a morning thereof.

In conclusion, the prophet, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him said:

Allah the majesty says: I have concealed three things from my servants. If I were to reveal them to a man, he would not have committed any evil. If I have opened my veil and he sees me in reality and know how I deal with my creatures.

When I come to them and I grasped the heavens and the earth with my hands then say to: I am the sovereign. Who is he that is sovereign except me?

Then I show them the paradise and what I have prepared for them of every good they do and he sees them in reality.

And I show them the hell and what I have prepared for them of every bad deeds and he is sure of them. But I have deliberately kept that from them so that I may know what they do. And I have explained everything to them in details.

Brothers and sisters in Islam, resurrection is indeed a reality.

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